Upgrading Your Safe: Flat Bar Technology

  • 2 min read

If you own a safe to store your firearms, you are already doing your part to prevent gun theft. However, unless your safe is made by Liberty and is equipped with our flat bar technology, you do not have the latest innovation. Here is why upgrading a safe to one with this technology is a very good idea.

What is Flat Bar Technology?

Most safes on the market are equipped with traditional steel round-pin locking bolts. This technology has been around almost as long as safes themselves. These bolts can keep a safe’s door shut and help prevent the door from warping during a fire. But they are not as effective as Liberty’s innovative patent-pending military style locking bars.

When it comes to innovation, Liberty Safe has always been ahead of the curve in the safe industry. Using the best engineering, technology and testing, Liberty has designed its flat bar technology to be far superior to traditional round-pin locking bolts when providing safe security.

Locking bars are six times stronger than round pins found in other safes. They provide a larger surface that resists prying and punching because they go deeper into the safe when locked in place. They are also made from one, solid piece of American-made steel.

Standard round locking bolts are individually and permanently riveted to security brackets before being installed into a safe door. While they have been the industry standard and are effective, they are not as efficient as Liberty’s military-style locking bars.

Liberty Safes Feature Flat Bar Technology

Upgrading to a safe equipped with flat bar technology is easy. All you need to do is decide which Liberty Safe best fits your family’s needs. The number of locking bars, size of locking bars and number of door sides where they are installed depends on the model you choose.


  • Superior Presidential/Magnum Series features 4 sides with up to 15-18 1/2-inch locking bars
  • High-quality Lincoln Series features 4 sides with up to 15 3/8-inch locking bars
  • Mid-range Franklin Series features 4 sides with up to 15 1/4-inch locking bars
  • Entry-level 1776 Series features 3 sides with up to 14 1/4-inch locking bars
  • Entry-level USA Series features 2 sides with up to 10 1/4-inch locking bars
  • Economical and budget-friendly Centurion Series features 2 sides with up to 10 3/16-inch locking bars

Take our quiz to determine which Liberty safe best meets your needs when upgrading a safe. No matter what Liberty Safe you choose, there is no better time than now for upgrading a safe.