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Moving Out of Northern CA? How and Why, You Should Bring the Safe with You!

  • 4 min read


Moving is never fun or easy... especially across the country! And realizing that not only do you have way too much stuff… but also that you have a heavy gun safe to move too! Over the past few years, many folks have decided to head for greener pastures and new opportunities in other states. Here are the 4 most common questions we are asked and their answers.

Is it cheaper to just buy a new safe?

The general answer is… NO! Although moving a safe may sound like an expensive task, it pales in comparison to purchasing a brand new one. Over the past few years, the country has experienced some dramatic price increases across most industries. And yes, that includes gun safes! Moving a gun safe across country, in most cases, can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Unless, of course, you plan on dramatically downsizing your guns and other valuables… Which, of course, most of you don’t plan on doing this when headed for a state with much friendlier firearm regulations!

How do I get it moved?

Although we’d love to be able to help our local customers get their safe into their new home across the country, we cannot move safes across state lines. We do not have enough staff to accommodate such a long process, and it would just cost you way too much money! The solution is to have a professional safe mover, or your moving company, move the safe onto your moving truck, U-Haul, Pod, Pack Rat, etc. We have close to 30 years of experience in moving gun safes, and never recommend that you move your safe on your own! But if you consider hiring a professional and experienced gun safe moving team, they will take great care in protecting your home and gun safe. Experienced movers will make it look easy in getting that heavy gun safe onto your moving truck, trailer or Pod. Plus, most experienced safe movers will wrap them in a protective foam wrapper, thick cardboard box, and palletize the safe to ensure its stability in transport. We hate to see you go but are always happy to help provide you with the best service and solutions to getting your safe moved!

If you can’t take it there for me… how do I get into my new home?

Our local, family-owned store is not the only one in the country! And we are blessed and grateful to have established some great relationships with other local family-owned gun safe retailers across the nation. And guess what… you aren’t the first person moving a safe out Northern California! With our vast network of relationships across the country, we can refer you to many places that can help move your safe in your new home state. Or you can click this link to access a trusted Liberty safe dealer. Be sure to select “Safe Mover” above the map!,safe%20mover

Should I put my guns or valuables in the safe?

Although this does make it sound a lot easier… it’s not a good idea! Moving a safe with valuables like firearms, jewelry, cash and documents can result in severe damage to your items and even theft! Roads are never perfectly smooth and are often very bumpy. Plus, if you or the driver needs to slam on the brakes, things inside the safe are going to move around. If you are seriously considering packing the safe full of items, be aware that you could invite some unwanted attention. And sadly, you wouldn’t be the first person to have some items disappear from the back of a moving truck or trailer in a long-haul move. Strongly consider driving some sort of rental vehicle yourself, if you absolutely must pack your safe full of valuables. But bear in mind, that experienced gun safe movers will need to have your safe completely empty while they get it onto your moving truck or tailer. This way, we can ensure that there will be no damage done to your valuables while we move it!

In Conclusion, moving a safe out of the greater Northern California region is a significant task, and ensuring the safe transport of your valuables, including your gun safe, is paramount. Hiring an experienced, professional moving crew not only protects your gun safe, but gives you the peace of mind that your home will not be damaged in the process. By entrusting your move to professionals, you can enjoy heading into the next chapter of your life with less stress, knowing that you are in trusted and capable hands.

For more information on how we can help you move your safe, give us a call at (916) 373-1900 for the greater Sacramento area, or (408) 559-5004 for the greater San Jose/Bay Area. Or fill out this quick and easy form, and we will reach out to you!