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VAULTEK | MXi - Bluetooth - Biometric

High Capacity Smart Safe.

LCD screen

Multiple fast access entry points with built in LCD screen.

Impact Detection

Accelerometer monitors safety and triggers an alarm

Works with Smart Key Nano

Immediate access with the press of a button.

Biometric Scanner

  • Quick High Resolution Sensor
  • Stores 20 Unique Fingerprints
  • 20% Larger scanning surface

Illuminated Keypad

  • Proximity Sensor Illuminates Keypad in Low Light Situations
  • 19 million Combinations

Machined Keys

  • Protective Silicone Cover
  • Dual Etched Key Design
  • 2 Keys included

Durable Finish

Vaultek® safe exteriors are offered in several color options and finished
with a durable powdercoat to prevent corrosion and ensure lasting performance.

Purpose Built Modules

  • A wide variety of modular options allows advanced customization of your interior.
  • TPR 2 Twin Pistol Racks (Included with purchase)
  • MR 8 Magazine Rack (accessory option)

Secure Mounting

  • Pre-drilled holes on the bottom and back of safe make this unit simple to secure in place.
  • Your MX Series even includes mounting screws in the box.

Vaultek Smart App

Works with this unit.

You can perform multiple tasks including managing user accounts, tracking usage history, checking battery status, and even opening the safe with one simple swipe.

Backlit-Keypad Backlit 8 digit keypad with built in proximity sensor
Battery Life 3-4 Months on a full charge under normal use
Battery Type 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion, 3.6v 2200 mAh
Biometric Imaging Speed 40 FPS
Biometric Sensor Area 11.0mm x 11.0mm
Biometric Sensor Pixels 192 x 192 Pixels @508DPi
Biometric Storage Capacity 20 Unique Fingerprints
Construction Hybrid 12-Gauge and 14-Gauge Steel
Exterior Product Dimensions 15″ L x 11.5″ W x 11.6″ H
Interior Product Dimensions 13″ L x 8.6″ W x 11″ H
Lcd Screen Size 50.0mm x 25.0mm
Pin Code Length 4-8 Digits
Weight 32lbs