Simtek StealthALERT Wireless Safe Alarm

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Protect What Matter's Most with Simtek StealALERT: Liberty NorCal's Top Choice for Effective Safe Monitoring! 

When it comes to safeguarding your most valuable possessions, the Simtek StealthALERT is the premier choice for families in Northern California. Whether you own a gun safe, jewelry safe; securing important documents, family heirlooms, medications or quick access self defense weapons, the Simtek StealthALERT offers unparalleled peace of mind. Not only is this product ideal for monitoring your gun, fire and home safes, but is frequently used by our customers in RVS, Campers, Boats, Sheds, Luggage, Trucks, Sheds and Storage Units. 

Dimensions 1.48” x 3.66” x 3.26”
Weight 3.6oz / 104g
Material Rugged ABS plastic
Battery life Up to 1 year
Sensors Infrared Motion (PIR), Light, Accelerometer
Sensivity 15' x 15' Motion Range (std. room in house), Any Visible light, Medium Vibration
Connectivity 4G Cellular (LTE/GSM/UMTS)
Cellular Range Worldwide coverage. High performance global Simtek simcard preinstalled
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: RCR123a 650 mah
Warranty 1 year limited, includes technical support


Why Should I Consider the Simtek StealthALERT? 

1. Ensure Peace of Mind with Instantaneous Alerts via 4G Cellular Connectivity 

In this digital era, traditional security systems are a thing of the past. These days, we get instant alerts to our phones when movement is detected in your home with WiFi enabled Security Cameras. Why wouldn't we want to be able to monitorthe thing that holds everything important to you? The Simtek StealthALERT connects by 4G Cellular data, so it will work if you have internet or power outage to ensure your peace of mind, unlike our modern WiFi enabled security systems. Activated by light, the Simtek StealthALERT will alert you to the safe door being opened, clueing you in on unauthorized access. If the safe hasn't been opened and a burglar is attempting to gain access to the safe, the motion and heat sensors will trigger an immediate alert enabling you to contact authrities to catch a bad guy in the act! Whether this be a potential burglar, or even a child, the Simtek StealthALERT enables you with the peace of mind to help prevent the unthinkable

2. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Built in with humidity and temperature monitors, you can monitor the climate in your safe to be sure that documents, cash, jewelryand gunsare in the outstanding condition you want them to be. 

3. User Friendly and Local Support

With super fast, easy setup, just about anyone can take the step toward securing what matters to you most. The app is easyto follow and you don't need to be a software engineer to use the app. You're only one click away from protectingyour most prized possessions. As a family owned business based in Northern California, we pride ourselves on offering localsupport and easy set up for our community. So, if you're just not confident in your ability to use or setup the StealthALERT, we're happy to help! We want to share the satisfaction in the peace of mind knowing that your items are secured and our team is ready to assist you with questions or concerns. 

4. Long Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery

Worry less about frequent recharges with the Simtek StealthALERT. Equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, this device offers months of uninterrupted protection. This reliability is perfect for monitoring safes containing important documents or medications, ensuring continuous security without the hassle of constant maintenance.

5. Encrypted Alerts

All Alerts are sent over a secure encrypted transmission, with U.S. servers only! This means that "Big Brother," whether foreign or domestic, won't be privy to what you hold most private.